Vitaltherm 24 pcs

Ref.: 01BXVITER24

Vitaltherm 24 pcs


    • This waterless cookware set allows food to cook in its natural juices without the need of water, retaining flavor and 98% of its vitamins and minerals.
    • Surgical stainless steel provides maximum durability and excellent performance.
    • 5- Ply inner core transfers heat up the sides making it possible to stack cook an entire meal on just one burner.
    • Tight fitting lids are specially designed to keep water from escaping, locking in texture, nutrients and flavor.
    • Nonporous properties of surgical stainless steel make cooking surface stick resistant, allowing to cook food with minimal to no oil and easing cleanup.
    • Mirror finish provides the ultimate resistance to water spots and scratching.
    • Stay cool handles are ergonomically designed for comfort and easy handling.
    • Flat base ensures maximum surface contact with burner and energy efficiency.
    • Compatible with all cooking surfaces including induction.
    • Suitable for all types of hobs.


    • 5 qt. Stockpot with Lid
    • 4 qt. Dutch Oven with Lid.
2 qt. Dutch Oven with Lid
    • 2 qt. Saucepan.
    • 8’’ Frypan.
    • 8’’ Steamer insert.
8.3’’ Colander.
    • 9’’ Bowl with PVC Lid.
8’’ Bowl with PVC Lid
    • 8’’ Food grater with ring.
    • 5 pc. Kitchen tool set with holder. (Ladle, Spatula, Slotted Spoon, Chefs Fork, and Basting Spoon)
    • Suction Knob.


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